Cooking Up New Posts

imageNovember is known around the world for NaNoWriMo. This month long challenge has an amazing amount of people starting and attempting to finish an entire novel in just 30 days.  I don’t have a novel in mind, but I sure would like to get some more posts up here!  My goal is to write a new post every morning.

Will all all the posts be brilliant and amazing works of literature? Probably not.

Will I still be working on my first cup of coffee while I write them before going to work for the day?  Yes, most likely.

Will I possibly lose my mind trying to create posts on an out of date/glitchy IPAD?  Based on this post alone, this is likely.

Will there be recipes, life management tips, and funny stories about camping with teenagers?  Most definitely!

I sure hope you stick with me for the month.  Click, Peruse, and Comment!

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