I had planned to post my reaction to the presidential race yesterday evening.  But then it just kept going, and I went to bed.

What an amazing example of the democratic system.  This has been the first presidential campaign that I have really followed from start to finish.  Never before have I stayed up so very late on a work night, refreshing my Google page every few minutes, to see history made.  Because history was made.  I am not asking who you voted for.  I’m not going to say who I voted for.  No matter what side you are on, this years presidential campaign has been the most dramatic and world wide attention getting elections that I can ever remember.

I hope that our population can slow down and see our friends and family that we may disagree with politically for what they are.  Friends.  Family.  Let the next few weeks be a healing time in relationships that were stressed or hurt because of political views.


Quilting My Old Friend

img_3210I started quilting about fifteen years ago. None of my projects are precise enough to belong on a magazine cover. But I just love the process of cutting a simple piece of fabric or old clothing item into pieces, then sewing it all back together to produce a piece of art.

I have had so many people tell me they want to learn how to quilt. I always respond that it is easy to start. Learn to sew a straight line and you have enough skill to start. The biggest piece of advice I would give to a beginner quilter would be to embrace the crooked blocks. Those are the ones that show you were learning and that is a beautiful thing.


My Favorite Things For February

We spent January learning all about how I use planners and calendars to help keep my ducks all in a row.  I really wanted to start this blog off with something that was near and dear to my heart and how I live my life.

February is my birthday month, so we will be looking at some of my favorite ways I spend my time.  I really enjoy cooking, Valentine’s day means I get to gush about my hubby, and I love that winter is finally starting to give way to spring in our area which means my winter knitting projects are starting to look like finished works of art.

I do hope you will continue to come and check in here at modernbygone to learn more about me!

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